Guide unit for ISO21287 cylinder

Compact and economical linear guide unit for ISO 21287 cylinder Ø25 to 50 (cylinder not supplied)

Compact guide unit for ISO 21287 cylinderIdeal for compact guided cylinder applications while retaining an ISO cylinder.
Guided on bronze bearings, ball bushings or polymer bearings.
Access to product sheet of guide unit for ISO21287 cylinder

Guide Type 34*EC

2 ranges of linear guide units for ISO 21287 cylinder :

Depending on the stroke and the lateral forces, 2 ranges are available to guide the rod of ISO 21287 cylinders.
. 34*EC series is the most compact version, with a rigid connection of the cylinder rod directly screwed into the front plate. This model is therefore limited to cylinders with stroke up to 50 mm.
. 34*EF series has a floating rod coupling between the cylinder rod and the front plate. This model can receive cylinders with a longer stroke (100 mm maximum recommended).

ISO 21287 cylinder with guide unit or compact guided cylinder ?

It’s more advantageous to use an ISO 21287 cylinder and a 34*EC series guide unit for strokes less than 50 mm and moderate lateral forces. Indeed, the solution is about 30% cheaper, more economical also in the long term because we can change just the cylinder without being linked to a supplier as the cylinder meets the ISO 21287 standard.
The front fixing of the guide unit can also be an advantage, especially in conveying solutions.

Area of application of compact guides

The 34*EC and 34*EF series of compact guide units are mainly used for short stroke applications where good rigidity or precision is required. They will therefore be used in conveying solutions (lifting, pusher, stop …), as a clamping element or to realize a gripping system. With its anti-corrosion version, the environments can be very large.

Area of application of compact guides

Access to sensors of ISO 21287 cylinder

The sensor grooves of ISO 21287 cylinders are generally on the lateral faces, which prevents them from being used with conventional guide units (H or U guide units). This range of guide units has been designed to allow access to sensors on the 2 lateral faces, a unique feature on the market.

Access to sensors of ISO 21287 cylinder

Adaptation of these guides to ISO 15552 cylinders

This compact guide range is also suitable for ISO 15552 cylinders, it’s the 34*EG series, for cylinders Ø32, 40, 50.
It’s the most economical version of the whole range of cylinder guide units.
Access to the product sheet of compact guide unit for ISO15552 cylinder.