Economical manual tables Type 309B

This new range of manual trapezoidal screw tables is 20 to 35% more economical than the 309D range (depending on the level of equipment).

3 sizes with a new size 0

The 309B range is available in 3 sizes with Ø10, 12 and 16 columns for 4 standard strokes: 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm, but other strokes are available on request.
A new size 0 (Ø10 rods and 10×2 trapezoidal screw) is inserted between the mini-table 309A0 (Ø8 rods and M6 screw) and size 1 (Ø12 rods and 10×2 trapezoidal screw) to obtain a more homogeneous range, especially in combination of XYZ tables since this range is also available as an elevation table.

Guidance quality preserved

The guidance remains the same with 4 bronze rings on 2 chromed steel rods as standard. The guidance play is then only a few hundredths. The ball bearings version is not available in this economic range, but the polymer ring version is preserved.

Axial accuracy

The ball bearing cage in the 309D range has been replaced by a bronze bearing, which generates an axial play <0.05 mm. Combined with the axial play of the trapezoidal screw nut, the axial precision of this range is <0.2 mm, but in practice it is between 0.05 and 0.15 mm.

Interchangeability with the 309D and 309E range

The fixing holes of the plates and the body are the same as the short tables Type 309D and the lifting tables Type 309E which allows to pass from a range to the other without modification.

Table d'élévation économique

Position display by ruler

For the position visualization, 2 possibilities are proposed: a mechanical indicator as on the other ranges but also a more economical version with a ruler on the base plate often quite sufficient for many applications.

Table économique avec réglet

Locking in position can be placed in 2 places

The locking in position is done manually by a clamping key to avoid any displacement by involuntary rotation of the trapezoidal screw. On this range, the clamping key can be placed above the control plate or at the end of the end plate depending on the access available (except at the lifting table: only on the upper plate).

Table économique avec options

Documentation and CAD files

Documentation and 3D CAD files in STEP and 2D in DXF are freely accessible in the product page of economical manual tables.

You can find our entire range on our home page of manual tables.